MAYDAY 1485: THURSDAY, JULY 25, 2019

@MoveOn US, indeed. Art calls for coordinated, tweet attacks; hacks, really; each and everyday. And let US march against Don, as well, everyday.

Until he’s gone from here to face charges, elsewhere. Art calls for marching on Don for however long, everyday.

Art calls for revolution, in velvet. A la the Czechs 20th century, velvet, revolution. But a velvet revolution with a 21st century, twist. Tweet attacks on Don;

hacks, really. To evict the resident of an off-white White House, tweet and march, against Don.

‘We just changed history’(largely), peacefully. Art calls for similarly peaceful revolution in America. Like the Czechs in 1989. With a 21st century,

twist. March AND tweet for a peaceful, revolution. Revolution’s been historically bloody. It need not, be.

@IlhanMN: Verily, ‘tis not near enough to merely condemn President Don’s racism. Right-wing nationalism in Hungary, Brazil, Russia, France, Britain

and elsewhere is on the march. Nationalism; it’s corrupting US far beyond the borders walls, of our prisons.

This too shall pass. But not til it explodes in Don’s face. US to resume capital punishment after a twenty-year, hiatus. Even in the face of opposition

true to the proposition that “Thou shalt not kill.” Don oft takes, indefensible, positions.

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