The plot, thickens. Revealed yesterday, a new, weapons platform. A nuclear-missile-launching, submarine. “Why, now,” Kim was asked, ironically,

disarmingly. “It’s about, tough love. Don loves, tough love. And I love loving him, toughly. And … often, roughly.

In the face of dilemmas, national and international, why not just let, a sinking ship, sink? Or explode, in the air? Why not surrender in the face of collusion,

international? The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind. We owe it, to all, our children.

We owe it to the kids. Like Greta and Art. Do the multi-tasking, right thing. Fight nativism’s, racism. Institute egalitarianism’s, Golden Rule. There’s

where we need to get. Attacking corruption there, along with, migration and climate crises, in the air.

How disappointing. That even a connoisseur of the big picture, did not take these children (the President and Congress) by their hands and walk them

through the process of impeachment. We owe it to the kids. Like Greta. Do the multi-tasking, right thing. Let US be ridden, of him.

Meanwhile, off the coasts of Japan and South Korea a joint Chinese-Russian military exercise sends a message to Tokyo, Seoul and Washington.

Don’s feeling betrayed by his communist friends, in Beijing and Moscow, in the White House in Swamp … Washington.

BREAKING: Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricky succumbs, resigning after weeks of Hong Kong like, mass, protests. And Arthur would be very remiss not to say

that US ought take a page from Hong Kong and Puerto Rican, playbooks. And march again against Don, everyday.

@MoveOn US. Art would be remiss not to say: US ought well copy the Hong Kong and Puerto Rican playbooks. Let US march against The Don everyday.

Until he’s gone from here to face charges, elsewhere. Mount too, coordinated Twitter attacks, each and everyday.

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