MAYDAY 1487: SATURDAY, JULY 27, 2019

There’s couplet verse, Joy,
in every 280 character, tweet. And epic verse, potentially, in tweets, in series, linked. Add only imagination to tell,

poetically, your story. To illustrate an algorithm‘s groundbreaking, potential … Art prays and tells …

Arthur’s poetry may very well help save mankind. In conjunction with cinematography and music. The fine, arts; they may be more utilitarian

than ye may imagine in mitigating devolution and fostering evolution. Towards a new … world order … egalitarian.

A world order, egalitarian. Sans sovereigns. And archaic borders. A world order respecting human rights and our democratic freedoms.

Freedom of religion; freedom of the press. Freedom to assemble; freedom to petition and protest. No abridgment, of freedom.

There shall be no abridgment of our God-given human rights and our man-given democratic freedoms, especially, the God-given freedom of religion.

Religion or its lack, shall not countenance, discrimination. Not so, in matters of emigration; and immigration.

Mankind’s human rights and democratic freedoms shall not be abridged. Religion shall not countenance, discrimination. However,

in matters of emigration and immigration, ‘tis in the interests of Urantians to defer to the state in administrative, matters.

Huge swathes of the Arctic are ablaze. Large areas of Siberia, Scandinavia, Alaska, and Greenland, are, on fire. Wildfires are believed to have been, by

lightning and high temperatures, triggered. Obama’s ruined the climate. Climate regulation, gone, awry.

Obama, Don lies, caused, climate change. His climate regulations, on fire now, have huge areas of the Arctic. On fire, is the Arctic. The dioxide of carbon

spews into the atmosphere like iron-belt factory smokestacks, belching, cola-like, dioxide, carbons.

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