MAYDAY 1475: THURSDAY, JULY 18, 2019

“Always have a lie on the tip of your tongue. Have a pack of them at the ready and readily, available. No more than two lies at a time fit, in the pea

sized brain under my mane. Plan Bs; the secret, of my success. No matter what happens, crow … victory.”

Meet Arthur Everman. The President’s brother. A whistleblower. A second-class American, being Puerto Rican. Nominally, a Christian; but a Muslim;

and a Jew too. By virtue of, vestiges, European, North and South, American and, deepest, and darkest, African.

Governor Ricky has accepted resignations of two top officials over profanity-laced chats. And albeit he took part in offensive chats, he resists,

resigning. Insisting, he can’t resign because he’s an integral part, of the never-again-Donald, resistance.

Governor Ricky: As ye may suspect your trials and tribulations relate less to long work days than to a single, handshake. Ye shook The Don’s, hand.

And Don, thanks to Vlad, carries, a Novichok-derived, nerve agent. Careers end, shaking, The Donald’s, hand.

In conjunction with WHO, Art, on behalf, of humanity, makes the following, public service, announcement. Shake not the hand

of President Don. Careers end, shaking his hand. And shake not, Jeff’s hand. Ye know not where have been, those … perverse, hands.

In conjunction with the WHO, Art, on behalf of humanity makes the following, public service, pronouncement. Shake not, the hand,

of President Don. Career ending; shaking his hand. And shake not, Jeff’s hand. God help the handler, of those, perverse, hands.

Recapping: WHO’s confirmed the existence of a Russian-disseminated nerve agent acting upon the body’s central nervous, system.

A mutation in his central nervous, autonomous, system. It’s why gone rogue, is The Don. It’s the mutation in his nervous, system.


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