It’s the weekend. Time for a trade. For 48 hours the Iranians know, a warship a day.  Hostilities are imminent until, a second warship, arrives. Or British

Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt timely tweets Iranians a face-saving, conflict-averting, offer, British.

Boris’ lead over Jeremy seems, fast. But that was an hour ago. In the interim, British Foreign Minister Jeremy tweeted an offer to faster, Iranians.

Iranians know if they act quickly, they’ll get, a tanker, to barter. One British one, for one … Iranian.

The Iranians know that if they act quickly, with a little luck, they may well get themselves, a tanker, to barter. One British tanker per, tanker, Iranian.

Jeremy’s fast. But the speedy Iranian gunboats already there, are faster.  Advantage to the Iranians.

Advantage for 48 hours to the Iranians. They’ll bide their time mulling Jeremy’s offer. And opt, perhaps, to take a tanker if opportunity, golden, offers.

Never mind … Golden Rules. Never mind, the Christian … Commandments; nor, the Muslim … Pillars.

Never mind Golden Rules. Never mind Christian, Commandments. Never mind too, Muslim, Pillars. Advantage to the Iranians; for 48 hours. The Iranians

may, bide their time; mull Jeremy’s offer. And await their chance to take a tanker from the British, for the Iranians.

“Always have a Plan B,” said last night, in soirée on Luna, The Donald. “A contingency plan. I never leave home, without one. Never mind Golden Rules.

Never mind Christian Commandments. Never mind Muslim Pillars. Advantage to all objecting, to my rule(s).”

“Always have a lie on the tip of your tongue,” added, Don.“ And have a pack of them at the ready and readily, available. No more than two fit in a pea

sized brain under my mane. As for contingency plans; I simply must have, an alternative, Plan B, to pee.”

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