MAYDAY 1472: TUESDAY, JULY 16, 2019

In Moscow, Vlad is livid. He’s calling for the passage of a no-confidence motion; not before the UN, but before, the Cabal; seeking, in addition, Don’s

condemnation. And, if necessary, with the Russian, nerve toxin, Novichok, Don and Art’s, assassinations.

Vlad’s lost confidence in Don, making a motion before the Cabal for declarations of non-confidence, condemnation, and Don’s,

assassination. His motion, duly seconded, as amended. MbS‘ amendment: Defer, on Don; honor MbS with the honor, of killing, Everman.

The die, are cast. Defer, for the moment on Don. And honor MbS with the honor of the killing of Art. Vlad’s lost confidence in Don. Condemnation,

unforthcoming, what passed last night in soirée on Luna only, was a call for an APB, for Art’s, assassination.

Deferring on assassinating Don, the Cabal, for the moment, are relying on Mohammad’s expertise in matters, like extrajudicial, murders. Assassinations.

In the meantime, Britain sends a 2nd warship to the Gulf. Because oil mixes not well with water in Oman.

@GOP @dccc: Oil mixes, not well, with water. Much less, in Gulfs. It’s the weekend. Britain’s sent a 2nd warship to the Gulf. But warships, sail. They,

don’t fly. It’ll take time, to get there, the Iranians, know. For 48 hours, one, British warship, a day.

@GOP @dccc: For 48 hours a warship a day. Until a 2nd warship, gets there. Oil mixes, not well, with water. Much less, in the Gulf. It’s the weekend.

Britain has a warship in the Gulf. It’ll take a 2nd warship, time, to get there, this 48 hour … weekend.

For 48 hours, the Iranians know, a warship, a day. Until a 2nd warship, arrives. The parties ironic gambit is, as follows: Iran needs a tanker. To trade

with the British. The danger is clear and present. It’s, the weekend. Time, to take. Time for, a trade.

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