MAYDAY 1476: FRIDAY, JULY 18, 2019

Advantage still to the Iranians; for another, 24 hours. The Iranians know, their waters better than anyone. But they see cracks in Don’s walls in

Washington. So, for the moment, mind, Golden Rules. Mind, Christian, Commandments. And, mind, Pillars, Muslim.

Mind, Golden Rules. Mind, Christian Commandments. Mind, Pillars, Muslim. Advantage Iranian; for another, 24, hours. Iran’s Persians know, Oman’s

Gulf waters, better than any.That oil, mixes not well, with water. Of cracking, of Don’s walls, in Washington.

Iranians know of the cracking of President Don’s walls in Washington. And they know the Oman’s Gulf waters better than anyone. They know that oil

and water, mix not. Advantage Iran. For 24 more hours. Iranians have their sights set, on a tanker … of oil.

Kim-Don’s Plan in 7 steps: Outlaw, sovereignty. Legislate, in its place, a Golden Rule. Teach children from a single, comprehensive curriculum.

Administer, immigration. Work, within the larger community. Incentivize, ambition. Ever improve … curriculums.

The Cabal’s Plan in 7 steps; it’s the same Plan tweeted, last tweet. To evolve to futures less dystopian and more, utopian. To return to reality,

surreally. Address, climate, migration and corruption concurrently, to resolve them, as well … concurrently.

Leave US, he says. Go back to the crime-infested places ye came from, says he. It’s about power; white, power. To reality, surreally address, corruption,

climate and migration, address, concurrently. To evolve to futures, less dystopian, and more, utopian.

WAKE THE FUCK UP! If this tweet seems off-color it’s no typo. For it seems that wonderful colors are but one dimension of His creation, humans,

unknowingly — and knowingly, pervert. President Donald John Trump: A piss-poor specimen of a man … or a woman.





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