MAYDAY 1468: FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019

Acosta told reporters at Labor: “We did what we did because we wanted to see Epstein go to jail. He needed to go to jail.” Acosta, lies. Favored

were Jeff’s lawyers after their assault with Jeff’s, incriminatory, recordings. Favored by Acosta … was Jeff.

Nationwide raids to arrest thousands of members of undocumented families have been scheduled to begin Sunday. Moving resolutely and foolishly

forward, is President Don. Insistent is the President; on deporting, people. For blood on the streets is red meat for his base … verily.

Nationwide raids to arrest thousands upon thousands are to begin this Sunday. Moving foolishly forward, is The Don. Insistent is President Don

on deporting, people. Blood on the streets; red meat, for a base, hungry for, a whiter, less colorful … nation.

Insistent on distraction is Don. Especially now with Jeff’s arrest for sex trafficking. Blood, on the streets; red meat, for a base, hungry, for whiter,

inhabitants. Nationwide raids, arresting thousands, begin on Sunday; for an America whiter and greater.

Nationwide raids abetting an America whiter and greater were to begin on hySunday. Or were they ever? Or are the raids, like their timely, announcements,

once again, show? More cynical ploy in long-running, bad-faith, negotiations. His art, of entertainment.

Are the raids, like their unusually, untimely, pronouncements, mere, show? Another cynical ploy in Don’s, long-standing, long-running, bad-faith,

negotiations. The art, of entertaining, government? Or more the Don’s perverse art, of sincerely bad, bad faith?

It comes back to the Rule; the Golden Rule; prominent, cross-scripturally, we oft follow it by omission. ICE raids, like tall walls, America first, hermetic

borders, evil Iran and good guys in Saudi Arabia, evidence, Don’s gone rogue. Bad karma’s, a bitch.

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