MAYDAY 1469: SATURDAY, JULY 13, 2019

It comes back to the Rule; the Golden, Rule; prominent, cross-scripturally, we oft follow it by omission. ICE raids, like tall walls, America first, hermetic

borders, evil Iran and good guys in Saudi Arabia, evidence, Don’s gone rogue. Bad karma’s, a bitch.

Bad karma’s a bitch. Apologies to Art’s canine friends; show dogs and show-off, mutts. And apologies too, to Arthur’s feminist friends. Evil Iran,

Saudi Arabian good guys and borders kept hermetic with ICE raids and tall walls, show: Rogue’s gone, The Don.

Rogue is gone Don. Rogue on US. Rogue too, on Vladimir. Vlad’s gotten from Don far more than he bargained for; more from that uniquely Russian,

nerve toxin, in Moscow, injected into him. Novichok diluted, Vladimir knows, yields, surreally compliant humans.

At least a dozen new women have come forward claiming sexual abuse by Jeff even as lawyers try to persuade a federal judge to allow him to await sex

trafficking trials from the comfort of the Manhattan mansion where he is accused of luring girls, into sex.

Have sex with this man. And win a chance to be a star witness, at the trial of the century. The trial of the century, bar none. None; the OJ and monkey

trials were, last century. New women have come forward. But given the elites, criminal trials, are iffy.

Given the large number of implicated elites, trials, might have been avoided. That was then. This is now. Prosecuting now, ironically, is Maureen Comey.

Maureen Comey may well honor — and avenge her father. For the SDNY, is the daughter of James … Comey.

“How galling is that? That the very daughter of the disloyal James Comey I fired for not doing as I said, now, for a Deep State leads an illegal, witch hunt.

Given the large number of elite white men implicated, this is nothing less than … a witch hunt.”

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