MAYDAY 1467: THURSDAY, JULY 11, 2019

Jeff’s arrest; no sea change for humanity. Not, in America. Not in Urantian societies, dismissive of women. On a plot-twister, for wo(man).

How the Me Too movement helped make new charges against Jeffrey Epstein possible, threatening now, the top, dog Man.

New charges against Jeffrey Epstein now, the top dog man, threaten. The top dog-in-chief in the most corrupt presidency in America. For (wo)man,

plot-twisters; no sea change, for humanity. Not, in America. Not, in Urantian societies, dismissive, of women.

Bad karma’s, a bitch. On the legacy of billionaire pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, former President Clinton and current President, Don Trump. Their karma’s

bad, because the Golden Rule, rules. Treat others badly at the risk of being afflicted with, bad, karma.

In a dramatic, plot twist, Jeff’s, been arrested. People want to know; and, perhaps, we’ll never know: Is the SDNY’s lead prosecutor, Ms Comey,

setting her ducks in a row, before, shooting? Is she a Philadelphia Lawyer, just like her father … James Comey?

Has SDNY lead prosecutor Ms Comey skillfully set her ducks in a row, before shooting? To see if she might bag that way, not one, not two, but zoos.

Menageries, of sexual predators. In Jeff’s Blackbook. And the recordings he intended for, blackmailing, too.

A menagerie of sexual predators may well be, recorded; in Jeffrey’s, Blackbook. And in recordings intended for blackmailing his sexless friends,

should he ever (as he did 10 years ago), need protection from his poor, rich, and sexually, predatory, friends.

In an epic plot twist He, through MeToo, condemns those circling in social circles with sexually, predatory, so-called, friends.

With such friends one needs, no enemies. Illegal blackmailing, ironically morphing into, the legal, blackmailing, of ‘friends.’

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