MAYDAY 1384: FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2019

Weep for the country. And Mother Earth. Weep not for rulers astray; gone criminal. Truth and Reconciliation may yet save them. It depends on vernal

Maydays. We’ll see. But a Witch Hunter’s Witch Hunt Report will be for Putin’s cabal, a real … bombshell.

A bombshell of connect the dots, evidence, circumstantial. It’s not even May but already the cabal sense, the ground swell, they feared; national

unrest having been provoked by Don’s Witch Hunter’s Witch Hunt, Report. For Putin’s cabal, a real, bombshell.

The cabal fear ground swells; national unrest provoked by President Don’s Witch Hunter’s, Witch Hunt, Report. For Putin’s cabal, real

bombshells. Bombshells connecting dots and dashes of evidence, circumstantial. An explosive, bombshell. A living … Hell.

The cabal fears ground swells; ripple, effects. National unrest in their respective countries, by bombshells, far ranging. And extremely explosive.

Bombshells? Or bombshell, duds? Bob’s findings of no conspiracy and obstruction: Conclusively, inconclusive.

Don says he’s having a good day. No conspiracy and no obstruction. That conclusion notwithstanding demonstrable, obstructions, multiple.

One can assume corrupt intent from his very own statements, actions and omissions, to act and, a personality, criminal.

A damning report. From Special Counsel, Bob Mueller. MAYDAYS. A self-help book, by
Arthur. And multiple investigations, particularly, one by,

ironically, the SDNY. Recall Al Capone. When the feds finally got him it was for tax evasion … not … for lies.

When the feds finally penned Al Capone, they got him for tax evasion, not murder. “Attack on all sides,” said Sun Tsu in soirée last night. A damning

report by Bob Mueller. MAYDAYS. A self-help, book, by Art. And lots, of investigations … incriminating.

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