Even as many sleep and others tweet. Even as intolerance, reigns, and wanes, concurrently. Even as hope, awaits, fruition. Notwithstanding, everything

that’s happening, whether awake or asleep, all are Witch Hunter Mueller’s Witch Hunt Report … awaiting.

See in Don’s face, a frown, reminiscent of Benito. Benito Mussolini. A resemblance, alarmingly, striking. Turn your attention then, to the final

dramatic scenes of today’s episode. And tune in tomorrow for more drama. More, fiction, nonfictional.

Tune in tomorrow for even more drama. More fiction, nonfictional. And nonfictional, fiction. Art imitates life, even when it distorts it. Life only

seemingly, incidentally, imitates, art. Watch the dramatic scenes of today’s episode. Weep, for the country.

Weep, Americans. Republicans. Dems. Independents. And others. Weep for the country. And Mother Earth. Weep not for rulers astray; gone criminal.

Truth and Reconciliation may yet save them. It Depends. It depends on May days. What may say, Maydays, vernal.

Dear Cabal: Vlad. Xi. Kim. Don: Fossil fuel burning makes our home warmer between its poles, ere it gets Ice-Age-like colder, later. A closed system,

running hot, naturally. Cold at the poles. Warmer, between them. On part of a fossil record … becoming.

Dear Cabal: Master puppeteer, Vladimir. Apprentice, Xi. Newcomer, Kim. Don-toxin carrying, Don: Human fossil fuel burning is accelerating,

climate warming. Later freezing making for, an ironically pristine, fossil record, of human beings, most, unbecoming.

“I’d see my doctor if I were ye. To see what remedy she or he may recommend in the case of an accidental, Novichok, nerve agent,

poisoning.” The smirk in Vlad’s face was alarming. Vlad was threatening to kill him. With an agent. An agent … with an agent.

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