A damning report, by Bob Mueller. MAYDAYS. A self-help book, by Art. Lots of investigations, incriminating. When the feds finally penned Capone,

they got him for tax evasion, not murder. “Attack on all sides,” said Sun Tsu in soirée, on our lunar, home.

Make a pen, Don’s home. Give Don a taste of his own, medicine. Actually, NO! Let’s NOT, do that. Rather, let’s offer the Gang of Four, viral

Reconciliation, in exchange, for Truth. As set forth in the Kim-Don Plan; as set forth, in Art’s MAYDAYS … viral.

The bombshell in the Mueller Report is Russia’s social media campaign artistry. Absolutely masterful has been Vladimir Putin’s geo-political

maneuvering. Masterful, at denials of responsibility. Don’t laugh. Flatly deny. Whether plausible, or implausible.

The Kim-Don Plan. If four rulers must rule prospectively in the interests of citizen, fiduciaries, not their own. Or go to prison and from there, rule, illegally.

The Kremlin’s conundrum: a Plan A status quo, or Kim and Don’s … planet, saving … Plan B.

Plan B. The contingency plan. Authored by Arthur. Dreamily co-authored by Xi, Kim, Don and Vladimir. Should they, their hands forced, rule
rulers rule,

solely in the interests of their citizen fiduciaries, not interests, their own. Let, Golden Rules, rule.

Golden Rules, rule. On Plan B. A contingency plan. Authored by Art. Dreamily co-authored by Xi, Kim, Don and Vladimir. Should the cabal cynically

rule, rulers rule, solely, in the interests of their citizen fiduciaries and not their own interests … only.

Actually Golden Rules only, ought, rule. They don’t, actually. Plan B’s a contingency plan. Authored by Arthur in co-authorship with Xi, Kim, Vlady

and Donny. Cynically, they may rule: Rulers: Rule, in citizens’ interests, only. LET IT BE! AMEN! LET IT BE!

In soirée last night Don addressed us, saying, “‘Tis over. A 2-year witch hunt, over. They never found her. I’m a ‘him’, anyway. Time to turn the tables on

them Dems. But I may yet, resign. To rebrand, myself. Commit to noble … Truth and Reconciliation.”

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