Thanksgiving Days are like some other of our holidays; those of which we are often wont to say, “We should celebrate this … every day.”

Would that it were so. Not to have a paid holiday every day, but rather, to play and to pray every day. It’d be a good way to Him, … in kind, repay.

We’ve ALL gone astray. The Big Three; Jews, Muslims and Christians are locked in gray frays which we must immediately … allay.

We must allay without further delay these frays wherein too many commingle prayers of praise for Him with prayer that He aid … to slay.

Blasphemy! Prayer invoking the name of The Almighty Creator of us all to aid to flay and slay your brother is blasphemy … Arthur relays.

Woe to those whom aspire to sustain travesties of justice (our surreal realities). We must array against the Evil One … Keep him  at bay.

And so it passed that God googled a crew of angels and charged them: ”Help Arthur to bray against those who would thwart … My Way.”

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