When last we knew of the Zoo Crew’s whereabouts we learned they had been googled by God to help Arthur write, Tweet … and blog.

Ex-twit Arthur had begun his transcendence, but he thought and wrote too slowly. God’s intent: reinforcements … to best augment content.

And so it came to pass: Angels, disguised as critters, in Art’s dreams, helped him write, Tweet and blog to reach men … on mean streets.

But men on streets are generally skeptical. Few who viewed any part of what’s been written, approve … Most snicker, “He’s crazy-smitten.”

Of the imprimatur signs Arthur had beseeched; two nearly killed him. Yet both seemed useless, to skeptical men, address … to duly redress.

Even a revelation that Twitter’s signature 140 character formula (times 7) makes for a blog useful to educators and marketers … no prod.

Falling trees and lethal lightning aside, Arthur’s Crew knew that Twitter’s remarkably useful formula is invaluable. Then came Twitter’s Fiction Festival. 

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