Indeed, humanity’s story is shaping up to be, a story inexplicably cut short. Like babies that die in infancy or talents that pass untimely … out of time. 

Extraordinary events in the normal course of events are not then actually, very extraordinary.  But who, pray tell … may mourn for humanity?

Arthur’s spoken words fell on deaf ears; his written words, on blind eyes and on strained brains, as if, sedated.  Then 12-21 … came.

Human history is replete with supposed coincidences, implausible ironies, straining credulity. But Garcia Marquez … and Mo Yan see.

Few others see that more goes on in our lives than meets the eye. It is an undisputable fact: Senses deceive. On that fact … we aught act.

Come to pass; one more implausibility; on the eve, effectively of a new age, slacker Arthur ‘Sauled to Pauled’ … from imbiber to writer.

Truly, He purposely uses the weak to more dramatically accomplish His purpose. But you need not be stricken by lightning … just wannabe.

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