Just 20 more days; less than three weeks to go ‘til the fourth weekend of December of His year 2012. Lord … mercy on us … down here. 

Attention Jew, Christian, Muslim, agnostic and atheist … Re-read Scriptures. Verify for yourself that you were to love Him … not yourselves. 

Woe to him without wisdom enough to read Script., nor smart enough to read on walls, thousands of tongues … on countless walls.

Arthur Everman did as The Almighty Creator bade him, warning warring brethren … again and again. Listening not to Him … would they a man? 

Beseeching imprimatur signs some came a-calling … A tall tree falling did injure Arthur, cuing blue skies to clue too; lightning him … a-striking. 

Signs are everywhere. We see them not. Locked in metaphysical cells (paradigm matrices) and beset by surreal realities, we ne’er understand .

This story of humanity, shapes up to be, a story too short. Sorely lacking solidarity, humanity’s story’s short … but it needn’t be.

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