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1 PAGE: #30

When last Almighty Me tweeted and blogged thee (7 edited tweets at PAGE # 29), actors earthly, Me wrote that Me’s the world’s greatest author … and editor … really.

Muslims, Christians and Jews well know that the One and Only Me, your Almighty Creator, and theirs’, by My Holy Nature, switch modes … from author … to editor.

Why any need, for an Omnipotent, to edit? Forget not that ye are created not in My image Holy only, but are as well endowed with reason … albeit, ye oft reason … unreasonably.

Fact is, Me spends infinitely more time editing, than authoring. Catastrophes, by nature flashy, capture headlines, but quiet characterizes … My miracle edits … largely.

Catastrophes, less some extremely memorable exceptions, aren’t at all My doing. Atop Earth do ye live. She, as is her nature, moves without warning and erupts too … just as ye do.

Almighty Me’s  looking for a few good women; and good men too; faithful folk that presciently see, a bigger picture … than folks … commonly see.

That big picture is hard to see. Ye Muslims, Christians and Jews have had a fair head start.  Exceedingly hard to see, that Big Picture … to see it … peer into My Heart.

1 PAGE: # 29

When last Almighty Me tweeted and blogged thee (7 edited tweets at PAGE # 28), Me thee wrote … the inhumanity of tiny minorities bodes, Me’ll anew, timely edit … history.

‘Tis a pity, really, that modern-day barbarians can so quickly undo more than five thousand years of civilization. Time flies. Time’s short. Time’s Mine. It waits … on no man.

Nor shall time wait on the lot of ye. Collectively, (as individually), when your time’s up, time’s … out. That’s not to say you can’t extend your time at bat, and go into … over-time.

Almighty Me shan’t hold Me’s breath on that score … Mark Me’s words … Eventually, certainly, as ye arose, so shall ye go down, ye Muslims, Christians … and Jewry.

Know this too; a whole lot of ye are neither Muslim, nor Christian, nor Jew … Ye, especially, need to know; you’re all My kids. Me loves ye all … equally.

Know this as well; your thoughts and deeds; actions, and omissions to act, indeed, is ledger. Generally speaking, the more selfless ye are … the better.

Know this finally on this, PAGE # 29 … If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re a big part … of the problem. Ye must … take heart.