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On Doubt, Reality and a Wintry … Writer’s Block

Time is money it is popularly said. Verily, both may be characterized as commodities;
but only time, between the two, is … perhaps … everlastingly real … (maybe).

“I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am.” Famously uttered by Socrates, a prototypical
thinker … but I doubt even that in a world, so fraught … with delusions … ‘logical’.

And so to mitigate against a wintry writer’s block, I counter the slowing of arterial circulation
with ‘current events’ … a ‘fireplace’ … and copious amounts of ‘liquid … intervention’.

To my Sisters … and … to my Brothers

In reality neither boy, nor father, nor biological brother (but to one) am I; however,
to more than seven billion citizens … I am … brother.

Brother to more than seven billion is chachomanopapa. He writes to brothers
and sisters, as he would have them … do unto him …their brother.

Brothers and sisters that share space on a planet that gets smaller by the minute.
Brothers and sisters: Let’s seize the day, and every minute … in it.

Seize the day and every minute in it. Would that we abnegate our nationalities
in order to best revere … and exalt … our humanity.

Lives are, in surreal reality, routinely disrupted by war or catastrophic illness;
but what an inconvenience, were football season rendered … meaningless.

What a specious species are we! Ebola seemed far and remote. Al-Baghdadi
seemed similarly, far away … we rationalized … delusionally.

Man-oh-man! What a specious species are we! Wrapped in complacency, we
live our illusions; one such delusion is: … THAT won’t happen … to ME!

What a difference mere moments can make! A virulent Ebola virus, in nonfiction,
competes with al-Baghdadi … its counter-part … human.