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1 PAGE: # 25

Facebook, the planet’s face, and Twitter, its voice, share a joint responsibility to be much more than just cash cows. How now, brown cow? How … to do more?

Facebook, the planet’s face, and Twitter, its voice, augur the possibility of a most surreal reality, heretofore, unrealized … earthly peace … and prosperity.

The “Korean Conflict” (war was never declared) has devolved into yet another bitterly ‘cold war.’ In #twitterfiction … a door … left ajar.

New leadership in old spheres (both Koreas, Japan, and coming soon too, to China) is promising that a #twitterfiction peace … is coming.

A blood-soaked planet looks to the far east for hope (too little in a blood-saturated middle east); #twitterfiction peace, moves westerly … from the east.

Peace is coming from far east. The Korean peninsula, takes center stage, in #twitterfiction, when from a stage left, enters … Kim Jong Un.

Peace shall come from the east in #twitterfiction when Facebook and Twitter too take center stage, by being far more … than money-makers.