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1PAGE: #37

Verily, in Puerto Rican back-water eddies of the often treacherously tranquil Twitter-Stream, Arthur’s been inundated, by a flood of dreams.

Why Puerto Rico? Why Arthur? Notwithstanding its sheer implausibility, Arthur’s been reasoning that it has to do with his Spanish roots; Jewish, Muslim and Christian.

Art knows too little about too many things; his own geneological tree is but one of them. However, he knows of the flux that for centuries, Spaniards have been living in.

The happenstance of Arthur’s being born in Puerto Rico raises, for him, intriguing questions. Who were his forbears and of what faith(s)? And, was it faith that drove them … or fortune?

Or perhaps, as is often the case, both. After all, Arthur’s introspections have revealed to him that both, faith and fortune … are driving him.

Faith and fortune, and indeed, the freedom to pursue them; these are often, of dreams, foundations. Too few are realized; too many are by others, actively demeaned.

To wit, as Bo visits S. Africa and Nelson clings to this life-dream, yet another dreamer, Oscar Lopez Rivera, is in his 33rd year of captivity, as an American, political prisoner.