MAYDAY 1596: MONDAY, MARCH 2, 2020

“As I scramble to respond to the fast-spreading virus through travel restrictions and a widespread campaign of public messaging

on safety procedures, mindful of public panic, I’ve decided that there’s no need, for the public to know, what’s … happening.”

“This will be a long battle. And the public shall know soon enough; as the bodies, pile up the nature, scope and the consequences …

of continued, obliviousness. Oblivious to their nature and purpose are (wo)man. And oblivious too, to the consequences.”

“My fellow Americans: As community spread are being characterized new cases of the novel coronavirus of provenance, unknown.

As a consequence — Americans — like Africans, are to be left, with social distancing of their own. Closures — of their — very own.”

“@WHO may be to blame. WHO, more than Xi, Vlad, Mo and Kim. Blameless are we who would continue to rule ye were I to be

re-elected. Except for murder and high crimes and misdemeanors, blameless, are we. And in closures and cancellations lies, opportunity.”

“WHO may be to blame. WHO may be to blame? In existential matters, punctuation may matter, far more than imagined. Imagining —

I see in closures, opportunity. With exclamation points punctuated, may be, eventually, the opportunities in, social distancing.”

“What a difference a day makes. Just yesterday the virus was in the west. Today, it’s in the East, also. And just like that, America’s,

surrounded. Still, I see opportunity in social distancing’s closures and cancellations. I see opportunity, for America.”

“Just like that — America’s, surrounded. Just yesterday the virus was far to the west of me. What a difference, a day, may make. Today,

it’s in the East. Still, I see opportunity for us in social distancing; if it makes attractive, what we had, yesterday.”


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