“Political climates are beginning to mirror physical, climates. The peoples are wising up to what is behind the scenes, actually,

happening. Even my faithful deplorables are beginning to doubt me. My options, already few, are dwindling rapidly, actually.”

“My options, already few, are dwindling, too quickly. Been crazy for a long time, already; and I’m —stunningly — stupid. Killing

Soleimani on top of everything; even further evidence; of my impulsivity, my recklessness, my unfitness and my power, abusing.”

“For three years my critics have worried over how I would handle a genuine international crisis warning that a commander in chief

known for impulsive action might overreach, with dangerous, consequences. Well now we know. Unfit, is the commander in chief.”

“Much of the world, especially the Europeans, Russians and Chinese, blame me for this crisis. Even my long faithful deplorables,

questioning — my strategies — and my actions. And there is no path to reelection — without the support of … my, deplorables.”

“A week ago it was still last year. But now it’s this year. 2020. Killing Soleimani clears the way for regime change in Iran. Iran’s timely

backing away from its nuclear deal with the nations. And my end game is, getting Iran to attack US, reelecting, me.”

“@HassanRouhani: My end game is getting Iran to attack US; thereby reelecting me. Assassinating Soleimani I presume may be,

sufficient provocation to provoke retaliation. No Soleimani. No nuclear deal. No rival to, Saudi Arabia. No peace — and prosperity.”

“Hassan: Iran would be well served if ye reign in hotheads calling for vengeance, immediate. For it would be supremely ironic for all of us —

if Soleimani’s death forced Republicans to hear Bolton’s account about Ukraine and getting Iran … to attack US.”

“Hassan: Allow me to explain. As ye may know, I have, as a head of state, nominated myself, for Nobel Prizes. For Literature — And

— for Peace. Peace and prosperity, I bring. Let’s hear Bolton’s account about Ukraine and Iran. Don’t attack, on my command.”

“Don’t be rash, Hassan. Consider that a hurried Iranian counter attack may be exactly what I want — from Iran. Soleimani’s assassination may yet bring — to Iran

— peace and prosperity. Let’s hear from Bolton, about my efforts to fight corruption, and terror, in Ukraine and Iran.”

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