“A heavy burden and a great responsibility — lie in, being the greatest. Make, no mistake. I am, Indubitably — the greatest of all time. 

The greatest president — of all time. And the greatest genius of all time. Me, warns ye: We’ve done, run out, of time.”

“Great responsibility lies in being the greatest. Make no mistake. I am, no doubt, the greatest of all time. The greatest president of all time.

The greatest genius of all time. And of the nations’ poetic laureates I’m absolutely the greatest of all time.”

“Of the laureates, I’m the greatest of all time. I am, no doubt, the greatest intellect, of all time. So agree Rumi, the — Persian, Iranian

and Willy — the Englishman. They agree my impeachment and my resignation may reconcile, Americans … and Iranians.”

“I have picked a fight with Iran that I can’t win. Sacrificing myself so that, in lieu of removal, my forthcoming resignation ends —

reconciling, Americans and Iranians. So agree Rumi, the Persian-Iranian and Willy, the Englishman. I write, to that end.”

“I write to that end. More importantly to other ends too. Sacrificing myself to noble ends to win a Nobel — or two. I see now why

I’ve been chosen to tell my near, incredible story. A story ignoble and noble, the story of the lovers of Nobels … and why?”

“Why? Why is this happening? And why, pray tell, must it be this way? Indeed, mysteriously, the assassination of Soleimani — ironically,

may end up hastening my impeachment and ultimately, my resignation and the overdue unraveling of … the sovereignties.”

“One evacuee carried a sign reading “inaction costs more,” referring to government’s failure to lessen carbon emissions — atmospheric.

The political atmosphere is changing, albeit — it is lagging behind the physical changes in the conditions, atmospheric.”

“Political climates are beginning to mirror physical, climates. The peoples are wising up to what is behind the scenes, actually,

happening. Even my faithful deplorables are beginning to doubt me. My options, already few, are dwindling rapidly, actually.”

“My options, already few, are dwindling, too quickly. Been crazy for a long time, already; and I’m —stunningly — stupid. Killing

Soleimani on top of everything; even further evidence; of my impulsivity, my recklessness, my unfitness and my power, abusing.”

“For three years my critics have worried over how I would handle a genuine international crisis warning that a commander in chief

known for impulsive action might overreach, with dangerous, consequences. Well now we know. Unfit, is the commander in chief.”

“Much of the world, especially the Europeans, Russians and Chinese, blame me for this crisis. Even my long faithful deplorables,

questioning — my strategies — and my actions. And there is no path to reelection — without the support of … my, deplorables.”

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