“Dump, my brands. All others, too. Dump too the underlying sovereign paradigm that gives form and substance to fake, realities. Reality’s

multi-dimensional. Invest in tech. Avert civil unrest and the changed climate too few dread yet, all too, myopically.”

“Mitch says he won’t be impartial. But the Constitution states that during an impeachment trial the Senators take oaths

swearing or affirming in lieu of an oath, acting as jurors, impartial. Mitch and I now cede ground to Nancy, who’s feeling, her oats.”

“Nancy is feeling her oats. Even as Mitch and I add the weight of untenable stances. Mitch is already on the record saying he won’t be

impartial but the Constitution says otherwise. Mitch and I cede ground to @SpeakerPelosi. Resign, she as if, says to me.”

“Resign Don — Nancy, as if says to me, whenever, she glares — at me. Even as Mitch and I add the weight of stances, untenably,

taken. Already on record saying he won’t be impartial is Mitch. Mitch and I need to cede to @SpeakerPelosi … Constitutionally.”

“More witnesses and presumably, more documents. It’ll be embarrassingly, enlightening. My resignation is on the minds of many.One is Nancy. 

I’m another. Nancy scares me. Whenever she sees me, she stares right at me. As if she’s looking, right through me.”

“I am not bound by rules. Even if indicted, convicted and removed, were all that to come to pass, I’d still break rules with impunity, bound

not, by them. And I‘ve the mind of a gangster, President Nixon, a mere school boy, next to president me, outbound.”

“Like Nixon, I’d resign rather than face the ignominy of removal from the presidency. Vlad and I pray no one questions the Helsinki

summit. But Lisa, Susan, Lamar, Cory and Mitt may yet be, profiles, in Republican courage for my now, less than grand, GOP.”

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