“Laughable is, what’s happening. And I’d have been good with that lighthearted comedy. But, alas, ironically, tragedy, over comedy,

dominates, in this paradigm artificially sovereign. Sovereignty, once upon a time, a useful stage, is but an anachronism, lately.”

“Sovereignty was, once upon a time, was, for mankind a useful stage, but, having outlived its usefulness, it is an anachronism, today.

Laughable would be what’s happening if it weren’t, so tragic. Alas, tragedy, over comedy — dominates — in the stately, sovereign paradigms, of today.”

“No matter what ye read — or hear me say — we surely don’t need no, hypersonic, weapon. We have no need to dominate this brand new

domain of fast flight; we’d better invest in technology, climate change, and civil unrest, resistant. Ye must — start, anew.”

“We don’t need hypersonic, weapons. And we have no need to dominate in fast flight; we’d better, invest in technology, climate change

and civil unrest — resistant. Restart, anew. Dump sovereign paradigms for Golden-Ruled, ones. And the climate … change.”

“Convene, dissolve and reconstitute the UN. Dump sovereign paradigms for Golden-Ruled ones. Implement a Kim-Don Plan. Climate

change, political’s a precursor to climate change, meteorological. Invest in tech; to avert, civil unrest and a changed … climate.”

“Invest in tech to avert civil unrest and the changed climate, too few dread. Climate change, political is a precursor to climate change.

Convene, dissolve and reconstitute, the UN. Dump Trump’s, paradigm. And implement, the Kim-Don Plan … for a change.”

“Dump, my brands. All others, too. Dump too the underlying sovereign paradigm that gives form and substance to fake, realities.

Reality’s multi-dimensional. Invest in tech. Avert, civil unrest and the changed climate too few dread yet, all too myopically.”

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