“I know that Republicans at least would rather not know.” But sometimes I wonder if the Dems even want to know what happened

between Vlad and myself on the occasion of the ‘no witnesses’ summit meeting, between Vladimir and me … in Helsinki … Finland.”

“Cyborg super soldiers: US Army report reveals vision for deadly ‘machine — humans’. Future armies could be made up of half-human,

half-machine, cyborgs with infrared sight, ultrasonic hearing and super strength with weapons mind-controlled … by humans.”

“The United Nations is warning of the insufficiency of the nations’ pledges to reduce emissions of gases responsible for temperatures,

a-rising. Diplomatically, he did not say that our rising ignorance seems to be proportional to the rising, temperatures.”

“Impeachment protects us from the threat of demagogue presidents. Yet the very political nature of the process provides the sly demagogue

a sound, defense. A constitutional paradox: The very behaviors that impeachment belies, supply escape for demagogues.”

“A demagogue, am I. As are all in Vlad’s Cabal. And we’re not bad guys, really. Ye can ask Arthur, our brother co-author of MAYDAYS.

MAYDAYS is what we’ve written in soirées, lunar. Our blueprint to peace and prosperity. And Golden Rules rule, in MAYDAYS.”

“The Democratic Party would be remiss if it didn’t mention any of Mueller’s findings. Solely focusing on Ukraine would not capture, fully,

the extent of corruption residing in the off-white, White House. And … what ever happened, in Finland’s, Helsinki?”

“This I can tell ye. We’re all really worried. Kim about his bombs; Xi about Hong Kong. Mo, a murder and me; a hoax, of an impeachment inquiry.

And Vlad, glad hands, all of them. He fears no man but fears being asked, Vlad: What ever happened in Helsinki?”

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