”Take a generation; take twenty years to transition from sovereign, to Golden Ruled, governance. With artificial intelligence, administering

things there shall be no need for middlemen states; nor for analog queens and kings noble, on tradition — banking.”

“I’m really old; I can’t recall most things I’ve said, much less, what others say to me a White House insider, it is leaked, says of me. I

won’t dignify at all hoax, hearings. My allies may well, lie for me. ‘Tis not at all, beneath, or unlike us, to lie.”

“‘Tis not at all beneath us, to lie. I’ve got interests and conflicts of interests, everywhere. Like Vlad’s men — I’m unfit to be — president.

From conflicts, we suffer. If Jerry inquires about Helsinki, I may be removed, as president.”
cc: @RepJerryNadler

“I’ve got attack dogs on Judiciary. But Jerry is nimble on his feet and these hearings capstone, his long, and distinguished, career. Helsinki

has long merited, attention. Jerry gets to wonder, aloud: Mr. President: Pray, tell: What happened, in Helsinki?”

“I call on @RepJerryNadler to publicly wonder out loud about what really happened in Helsinki. What happened in Helsinki, merits my

attention. Attention scant, it’s gotten, until now. I won’t, because I might lie testify, but in truth Vladimir and I … lie.”

“Because I might someday lie, I won’t testify but Vlad and I, in truth, confess. I got sucked in but Vlad’s in the middle of everything.

We call on @RepJerryNadler to publicly wonder out loud, about, what really happened, between us, in Helsinki, Finland.”

“Sometimes I wonder if the Democrats really even want to know what happened, between Vlad and myself on the occasion of the ‘no

witnesses’ summit meeting between Vlad and me in Helsinki, Finland. I know that Republicans at least … would rather not know.”

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