The ugliest American ever, the anti-war hero from the Vietnam War era no sooner slew the ugliest Muslim —Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi — than he

sabotaged, himself. For he is graceless, even in victory. And The Don may well yet snatch a defeat … from any victory.

“Analogously,” Don said last night in their evening, lunar, soirée, “we of The Cabal now see why I, President Donald have been chosen. Tragi-

comically, I alone am best suited to make light of, the plight of man; encouraging, that way, revolution, velvety.”

“The revolution, when it comes said Don last night in soirée, must be, velvety. And because our statements on

Luna, we belie by our actions on Urantia, we of The Cabal, officially advise our citizens to march, peacefully, upon US. To a velvet, revolution.”

“I am Donald John Trump, the 45th president of US. And for good, reason. For The Almighty Creator works in weak men, so very, mysteriously.

Wreaking physical changes upon us climatic and migratory and metaphysical too. And political change, unexpectedly.”

“We must come together. I am best suited, to unite us. For I am the one and only, President Donald. Physical changes — climatic and migratory

and concurrent, metaphysical change, are happening. Political change, too. And no one flips, like President Me.”

President Donald was greeted with a thunderous chorus of boos from the sold-out crowd in attendance at Game 5 of World Series action

between the Nationals and Astros. As the next inning began fans chanted, “lock him up,” in memory of his favorite, enemy, frenemy, Hillary Clinton.

“Lock him up,” in unison chanted the crowd at the game, last night; in memoriam of favorite, enemy, Hillary Clinton. The Don elected not to hurl

any first pitch. He was greeted with a chorus of boos but one of his secrets — secret, remains; he throws like a feminine, girly, girl.


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