“I believe in Him. So long, of course, as He favors me. As he indeed, has. So, I do, believe in him, too. I — The Donald, have been

by God — chosen to hasten, as I said in my first speech at the United Nations, the final clashes of Urantian, civilizations.”

“Over the final clashes of the Urantian, so-called, civilizations, I — The Donald, on behalf of the white man may preside. Civilizations, truly

uncivil to one another, belie Him. And — my reptilian brain mistakenly imagines — that The Creator — favors me.”

President Don’s reptilian brain mistakenly imagines, and believes: That The Creator favors him; lol; that he’s the champion of the white man;

lol; and that absent liquid assets and medical insurance, you’ll be a drag on future civilizations, of white men.

Don’s mounted in Syria, a raid to kill Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. No low-value, target, Abu the Muslim shares an uber-primitive, reptilian brain stem

with his Christian brother, The Don. Both mistakenly imagine and believe that The Almighty Creator favors them.

And it came to pass that in the land of Vladimir’s main man in Syria, Bashar, the Butcher, Assad, Abu Bakr, The Ghost, al-Baghdadi — the ISIS

jihadist blew up his children — and himself. And Don debases the presidency bragging so undiplomatically, of ISIS.

The ugliest American ever; the anti-war hero from the Vietnam War era no sooner slew the ugliest Muslim, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi than he

stuck his foot in his mouth, kicking himself in the ass, unbecomingly; unbecomingly too, keeping Vlad clued in, so openly.

The ugliest American ever, the anti-war hero from the Vietnam War era no sooner slew the ugliest Muslim —Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi — than he

sabotaged, himself. For he is graceless, even in victory. And The Don may well yet snatch a defeat … from any victory.


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