Make Urantia (Earth) cool, again! President Don’s been rejecting mainstream climate science; not promoting, stabilizing options, again

and again; not fighting the existential crisis, that is, global warming. Let US make — Urantia (Earth) — cool … again!

Some seem to be positively rooting for the nation to either stumble into recession or be plunged into war with Iran. Frustrated on those fronts, they

are now pinning their hopes on Dorian’s storm fronts. But Don doesn’t need any help, bumbling, most days.

President Donald operates the way Hurricane Dorian has operated; lots of destruction and chaos are going on and no clear path, towards where,

it’s heading. An ad hoc presidency relying on instinct, not any policy process; juggling with all balls in the air.

Losing his grip is The Don; on his presidency; his reelection; on his very sanity. Above all things, it is the specter of a recession that’s been

haunting Don the most. Recession; a haunting specter, all the more haunting, because it’s actually, happening.

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