MAYDAY 1505: FRIDAY, AUGUST 23, 2019

And it’s because there’s no coming back from the dieback feedback loop that Arthur is from the future, returned. Deforestation, forestalling

by teaming with Vlad’s Cabal to execute the Cabal’s plan on Brazil with assassins, infiltrating.
cc: @jairbolsonaro

Heading into the G-7 summit, The Don’s heading into a hornets’ nest of angry, western allies. “Our allies take advantage of us far greater than our

enemies,” he said only recently. In remedy, The Don is proposing, his Greenland Plan; for late, is the hour.

Late is the hour heading into this G-7 summit, a hornets’ nest of angry western allies, tired of all the animosity. Tired of all the lies. Tired,

really, of Don. In remedy, in cooperation with Vlad’s Cabal, a Greenland Plan. It’s late and everyone’s tired.

Everyone’s tired. Of hot wars; cold wars; cyber wars and all sorts or wars, internecine. Everyone’s tired. On top of everything, it’s late. And surreally,

ironically, Don in remedy, proposes, the Greenland Plan. To hem in, Russia and China, geopolitically.

How shamefully embarrassing! Just weeks ago, in Pennsylvania, Don said his 25% tariff on foreign steel imports had turned US Steel’s — “dead” business

— into a business, “thriving.” And The Donald knows, there’s no business at all — like — no business.

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