Scientists and economists are warning Urantia’s governments that climate change shall destroy governments — ending capitalism

— as we know it. They know not that The Don has a plan, in hand. ‘Tis his Greenland Plan, wherein, he’s the savior … of capitalism.

Greenland, Don visionarily sees, as capitalism’s savior. And he’s the second coming, he’s fond of tweeting. But deep-state

alarmists see the state of the planet as demanding, rabble, rousing. Greenland tho, like Puerto Rico may be a territory, not a state.

Greenlanders, like Puerto Ricans, live in lands known as territories. Lands, subject to other lands; a colony of another; a vassal, state. Greenland,

Don visionarily sees, as capitalism’s savior. Perhaps, the Danes may trade, Puerto Rico … for Greenland?

Life in Urantia’s Siberia — at the behest — of Vladimir. To wish Jair all the best in smoky, São Paulo and Brasilia. And to urge the nations

to support Don’s Greenland Plan. To steal @AOC’s plan — and make it his own, for the sake — of all … the nations.

The planet is burning. And melting. And some are denying it. And some are debating it. Vlad, via Art, urges the nations to all support, Don’s Greenland Plan.

To steal @AOC’s plan and make it his own. For the sake of Urantia, support Don’s, Greenland, Plan.

The blazes in the Amazon are so big they can be seen from space. If another 20% of the Amazon is deforested a feedback loop known as a dieback,

may turn the rainforest would into an African, savannah-type landscape. As … in dying — there’s no — comeback.

And it’s because there’s no coming back from the dieback feedback loop that Arthur is from the future, returned. Deforestation, forestalling

by teaming with Vlad’s Cabal to execute the Cabal’s plan on Brazil with assassins, infiltrating.
cc: @jairbolsonaro


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