@UNAOC: Save the celebration for an actual Global Citizenship Day. Vlad, o/b/o the Cabal, he presides over, suggests, the first of January,

preliminarily, as to the date. He and the Cabal — invite ye to opine — as to the year. But we must act, immediately.

President Don’s showing signs of cracking. The aggravation of taking any more time from his golf game and his morning, long, executive-Fox-TV-

time, rankles him. Even Fox feels the wrath of Don’s insecurity. Now Fox too — is driving him, like a fox — crazy.

Breaking, bad. There could have been three more mass shootings if three men had’t been stopped. Stay calm. Be safe. President Don has your back.

Law enforcement shan’t let anyone shoot ye in the back this day but tomorrow maybe ye may be shot, in the back.

“Our country is doing fantastically well,” Don said “You look at Europe; they’ve got problems. In fact the biggest problem we have is the fact

that a lot of other — continents, frankly — but a lot of other countries are not doing well,” And that’s, a fact.

Buying Greenland: Just “a large real estate deal.” Don’s making a large, mistake. Buying Greenland’s a nonstarter. Ironically, not simply

because of costs, incalculable. Nativism has transformed territory from a commodity into unsalable, parts of countries.

Don’s not at liberty to disclose some of his underlying motives for proposing the purchase of Greenland. Art nightly dreams

with him and suffers no such inhibition. Don wants to box in Putin. And combat … climate change — and human migrations — it seems.

Danish Prime Minister characterizes discussion of Don’s Greenland sale idea as “absurd” But Don thinks nothing is unsalable; salesmen

know when the price is right. US needs Greenland to box in Putin and be the final home perhaps to brown … and black men.

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