MAYDAY 1501: MONDAY, AUGUST 19, 2019

In his pitch to potential buyers, Larry touts his condominium’s high ceilings and spacious living rooms; a swimming pool; saunas; an iconic

movie theater. But what really sets the development apart is its ability to survive, a catastrophe … apocalyptic.

The apocalypse; it fires up, imaginations. But the best laid plans of mice and men often do, go awry. The truly wise, know that. That’s why,

and how Maya knew why, the caged bird sings. Men, rich in spirit, live on. The rich, oft poor of spirit … so die.

The best laid plans of mice and men are oft destined to go awry. Witness the bunker mentalities setting in, here. Physical bunkers for rich heads

of state. And some of the rest of the rich. For the rest of us; a small space between our knees, for our head.

Perfectly illustrative of the bunker mentality that besets us; a stark, reality. Steel and concrete bunkers for the rich heads of state and the some

few of the rest of the rich. For the rest; a small space ‘tween the knees, for a head’s eyes, to peer from.

‘Tis a small space; the space ‘tween knees when one in terror, bends over. A space so terrifyingly tiny one instinctively shuts, one’s eyes.

Instinctively, in the final moment before impact, one paralyzed with fear, like Syrian children, shut their eyes.

Our eyes. Our precious windows to a precious, world. ‘Tis an abomination; what too many children, see and suffer. And ‘tis Groundhog Day

everyday, with respect to humanity’s three challenges, exigent: climate; migration; corruption. Today’s Groundhog Day.

‘Tis Groundhog Day, today. ‘Tis another abomination for too many, once again. What far too many, see and suffer — continually — everyday.

‘Tis Groundhog Day, again, today. Yesterday’s three challenges, remain. Climate. Migration. Corruption. Vlad says …

“Speaking for the Cabal about our roles in these latest chapters of a tragi-comic, human story, we are so very,

very, sorry. Sometimes, very patriotic acts may be unfairly marred, in the dutiful service of one’s country — by acts, actionable — criminally.”

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