BREAKING: Quakebot is reporting that a shallow earthquake of magnitude 6.9 struck Southern California yesterday. Two large quakes in two days,

consecutive. This one too, tho, isn’t the big one that seismologists in chorus say, is coming for sure, someday.

Don worries. About China, Russia, North Korea, Syria, Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia. With human vermin at borders, flesh-eating bacteria,

earthquakes and Dems. Don creates crises and has crises thrust upon him. Against him unfairly, even are, the bacteria.

Seismologists calculate a 5% possibility of an even bigger earthquake in Southern California in coming days, weeks and months. What scientists,

however, say, is voodoo science, says, The Don. “Trust in US and trust in me; not, in science; nor, scientists.”

“What scientists say is voodoo science,” says The Don. “America, first! Trust in US. Trust in Him. And trust in me. Not, in science; nor, scientists.”

From Libya to Texas, tragedy, everywhere. But when everyone becomes a migrant vindicated, the scientists.

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