MAYDAY 1461: FRIDAY, JULY 5, 2019

BREAKING: Cultural genocide’s being alleged in China. China’s President Xi’s separating Muslim children from their families. Like Don

does in America, in the case of allegedly, illegal, immigrants; even ‘illegals’, legally, requesting asylum, from The Don.

Thanks Max, for your depictions of Earth I and Earth II. Were your boots as venomous as your pen, Vladimir would arm each of his wily agent-assassins

abroad, a pair, apiece. Diplomacy here’s only seemingly on a road to nowhere. It’ll get us to, Armageddon.

Thank you Don; on this day after America’s birthday. ‘Tis fitting that one so intent on dividing the nation has come to repent, being President.

Wondering, why so few, trust him; why so few, like him. It’s your cruelty and your stupidity … Mr. President.

Why, worry? Don yet presides, this day after, America’s, birthday. ‘Tis fitting that one so intent on dividing the nation, the President, Don now,

repents, being. A Heaven-sent, blessing, in disguise. The bumbler-in-chief, is unexpectedly, uniting us, now.

Why, worry? Unexpectedly, the bumbler-in-chief, now, unites us. Fitting, that one so intent on dividing the nation, end up saving the nation.

Don’s been Heaven, sent; a blessing, in disguise. He’ll have us ready for the battle, of races and, civilizations.

An eloquent, gifted, public speaker, President Don uncharacteristicly, misspoke, badly and incoherently, on our Independence Day, yesterday.

Dementia? Maybe. Or maybe, a slip of the lip, revealing yet another government secret, on our … Independence Day.

BREAKING: Quakebot is reporting that a shallow earthquake of magnitude 6.9 struck Southern California yesterday. Two large quakes in two days,

consecutive. This one too, tho, isn’t the big one that seismologists in chorus say, is coming for sure, someday.

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