MAYDAY 1450: MONDAY, JUNE 24, 2019

The Cabal‘s, MAYDAYS: Documentary evidence, Vladimir has bought in to Arthur’s vision. In truth, Vlad and his pals prefer, continuing the status quos;

their old, familiar, ways. But Vlad and his pals want options, both ways; even, unto, a new, status, quo.

The Cabal; Vlad’s guys, knowing what’s coming better than us want all options, spelled out, both ways. As was agreed to this past evening in soirée,

dreamy. Until further notice Art’s tweets constitute the official position of the Cabal. Beginning, Monday.

@MichaelNakasone; our top cyber spy guy and Vlad’s guys know too, better than us, what’s, happening. As debated last night in the evening, soirée,

dreamy. Art’s been elected to present their position, henceforth. Beginning on MAYDAY 1450. Beginning, today.

@MichaelNakasone; Beginning today, MAYDAY 1450, Art’s the spokesman for the Cabal. For: brother Master puppeteer Vlad, strongman Xi, rocket man Kim,

The Don and the assassin,
Mohammad. Angel-Trainee Art, has been elected, to present, the Cabal’s, position.

As of today, MAYDAY 1450, the Cabal’s position’s in flux. It’s got crises; of ying; and yang. They’d like to continue careers in governance, and not, hang.

“Fear the mixing, of oil and water; in the Gulf; in the Straights.” So, the minstrel, to them, sang.

@GOP @dccc: US military cyber ops are up lately. Going tit for tat, with the enemy. Still, the US is disadvantaged. A democracy; and one, but only

recently, and reluctantly, engaging in cyber-space. A ubiquitous offensive mindset, in cyber space, is empty.

Don imposes on Iran, new sanctions, warning that his ‘restraint’ is limited. These guys; and their, gross, lies. Their portliness, possibly, is a clue; to why

they lie, so effortlessly. These men own, maybe, the biggest balls on the planet; that’s … why.

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