MAYDAY 1449: SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 2019

As less a sound plan than a criminal bribe describe the Palestinians, Jared’s, offer. Acceptance of the Israeli occupation for money pending Don’s,

later, political solution is nothing, but a bribe. Its proponents, are two. Kushner and Mohammad bin Salman.

Hypersonic missles. They are, all the rage. They’re fast, effective, precise and unstoppable. At many times the speed of sound, kinetic energy, they

amass while moving, makes their deployment, a new, arms race. No more MAD. Use it, or lose it. It’s, OK.

It is not OK. Hypersonic missles are a game-changing technology. Featuring an enemy-leadership-killing capability in phenomenal, UFO-ish

maneuverability. Its kinetic energies, bid adieu to mutually assured destruction. No deterrence in, use it, or lose it.

Meanwhile in Istanbul, Ataturk’s Turks await an election verdict on Recep Tayyip Erdogan. And Turkish, democracy. And Turkish, secularism.

Ataturk’s Turkish secularism has checked, for the moment, Erdogan. On a comeback is Ataturk’s successful, secularism.

When Russia, US and Israel meet this week, Iran, in proxy, shall be dancing on the table. Dancing, near by herself; in proxy as she is wont to do, lately.

Russia herself, her conflicted proxy in a round of talks; in what passes, on Urantia, for diplomacy.

What passes on Urantia for diplomacy may soon, so pass, no more. The people of having their brains, washed, are tired. Brainwashing. It’s not as dirty

as it sounds; just, socialization. Brainwashing, like any learned behavior, may be, undone, dramatically.

Brainwashing isn’t dirty, necessarily. Yet brains washed by nation states and religions and cultures, ever exit from the wash, ever over, and over,

invariably, dirty. Brainwashing may be modified; even, undone. As antsy leaders, fear oil … in the water.

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