MAYDAY 1429: MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2019

Meanwhile in Beijing and Washington an angry white man and a Chinese, Han, man, face off; for US and for China. What’s happening is WAR,

surreally, less about trade, than about race. Clashes of cultures and races and civilizations, are happening. It’s WAR!

War is what’s happening already. Beyond climate and migratory crises, we are slavishly locked into a pattern of conduct, all too human. A Golden Rule

however, yet may save us. Treat others, as ye would be, treated. Hope springs eternal, with a Golden Rule.

Hope springs, eternal; hoping for a Golden Rule. Imagine the elation; the celebration when The Cabal wrote: “A Golden Rule may save us. Treat others

as ye would yourself, be treated.” So wrote, The Don, Kim, Xi and Vladimir. So wrote, the absolute, Rulers.

Why are Vladimir’s Cabalists endorsing the Golden Rule? And why are they so publicly saying so? In a plot twist for the ages, humans, covering, asses,

bared. Bare-assed too when citizens storm the gates; then not even Golden Rules, save, such sorry, asses.

Not even the Golden Rule may save such asses as sit on the Cabal. When citizens become, climate crises, storming gates, of fortresses. Neither

fortresses nor palaces from a mob, afford safety. So The Cabal confesses and petitions us to continue, as rulers.

Art imitates life. And vice, versa. And in Art’s verse The Cabal confess and petition to continue to rule, as follows. We killers, five; namely, Kim, Don, Xi,

Mohammad and Vladimir confess as follows in Art’s MAYDAYS. In accordance with Contingency Plan B.

Contingency Plan B calls for implementation of the Kim-Don Plan. Should citizens be driven to storm gates, it may be too late for Plan B’s

planned evolution, much less for Plan A’s, business as usual. A Cabal’s conundrum, mirrors a human, conundrum, truly.

As if intended to be a lesson to humanity the Cabal’s conundrum mirrors a human one. Contingency Plan B calls for Art’s Kim-Don Plan’s implementation.

Plan A calls for, business as usual. They confess Plan A favors them and Plan B favors, instead, all men.

Plan A calls for business as usual. Plan B calls for reform including truth for reconciliation. To that end the Cabal declare via their prodigal brother, Arthur:

IbS killed Khashoggi. Kim killed Kim. Vlad, many men. Xi as well, especially, Muslim, Uighurs.

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