MAYDAY 1428: SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2019

Don knows that responsibility for Trade War One lies in the Presidents of the Cabal. Trade War One. And Cyber War One. They are, war. And global. Don

only seems to have started it. Still historians will unfairly, either credit, or discredit, President Don.

Donald knows that responsibility for World Trade War One and World Cyber War One, lies not solely, in him. Vlad’s Cabal, also, is responsible. Global war.

It’s ongoing. Don only seems to be singlehandedly beginning World War III. In their interest, is war.

What would mortifyingly, embarrassing be to most is just a speed bump to a malignant, narcissist. Navy admits White House asked, to hide the McCain,

during, The Don’s visit. Three admirals of Don’s Navy, for US, haunt him, from aboard, the USS, John McCain.

Monday thru Thursday, a long delayed, state visit; fittingly, it coincides with Britain’s most precarious danger since the Spanish Armada. And surreally,

ironically, in the nick of time, here comes, The Don. Don lies for a living and insults … for hobby.

Cheshire Cat Vladimir is in a fix. The BBC’s Vladimir Putin Talk Show won’t debut ‘til June 14th. ‘Til then depending on Double Agent President

Don, to press, Russia’s case. He favors Nigel, Boris and the Brits walking away from continued EU intransigence.

Everything Vlad touches comes up, roses. Don’s been elected and Britain, it appears, from Europe’s Union, is departing. Yet Americans are united

yet. The Europeans also, are yet, a Union. Vlad sent to Britain, Don. To stand up to any, against Vlad, united.

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