Hindsight is 20-20. Education is alchemy. There’s wisdom in irony. History’s His story.

And behavior mod’s not limited to individuals, only.

Dreaming of what is what was and what may be the learned literati of human history,

luminaries like Plato, Aristotle Locke and Socrates …

… Shakespeare and Shaw in western lands and their eastern peers, Lao-zi, Kong-fu-zi,

Muhammad, Buddha and Gandhi, visionarily, see.

The luminaries see folly; their own of course, but more importantly, that of humanity.

And lately they see, a still-born, twitter-diplomacy.

A still-born twitter-diplomacy? ‘Twitter-diplomacy’ is a term of only recent coinage. It’s

not seriously regarded, notwithstanding, algorithms.

Algorithms are procedures or formulas for solving problems. They are, quite simply, in

simple, non-scientific jargon, step-by-step instructions.

A synchronicity of events pursuant to His grand plan has brought three brothers grim,

Don, Art and the Kim, to do what’s been bidden, by Him.

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