Hindsight is 20-20. Education is alchemy. There’s wisdom in irony. History’s His story.

And behavior mod’s not limited to individuals, only.

Dreaming of what is what was and what may be the learned literati of human history,

luminaries like Plato, Aristotle Locke and Socrates …

… Shakespeare and Shaw in western lands and their eastern peers, Lao-zi, Kong-fu-zi,

Muhammad, Buddha and Gandhi, visionarily, see.

The luminaries see folly; their own of course, but more importantly, that of humanity.

And lately they see, a still-born, twitter-diplomacy.

A still-born twitter-diplomacy? ‘Twitter-diplomacy’ is a term of only recent coinage. It’s

not seriously regarded, notwithstanding, algorithms.

Algorithms are procedures or formulas for solving problems. They are, simply, in non-

scientific jargon, step-by-step instructions.

A set of transformative, operations; such is AN ATLAS, POETIC. For therein, in surreal nonfiction,

an Angel-Trainee … pleads for … evolution.

‘Tis evolution and not devolution that He would have for us, imparting, to Hopi petroglyphs

fateful meaning … in your nonfictions … ironic.

For He is the great author of this grand morality play and of all of the subplots that, in nonfiction

… He has oh so grandly …written.

Arthur Everman is His Angel-Trainee. Art, along with his five, critter-co-author-friends have been

commissioned to save the Earth, from a self-inflicted, extinction.

Whoops! How embarrassing!  Donny’s bluff against Kim worked, thanks to a comedy

 of errors. Art has found, in Kim and Don, tragi-comedy.

The frequency of Kim’s missile mishaps suggests sabotage is behind, missile failures;

American, sabotage, rather than, random trial and error.

A synchronicity of events pursuant to His grand plan has brought three brothers grim,

Donny, Art and the Kim, to do what’s been bidden, by Him.

Now that we have the technology and addresses, why not do what Donny, the POTUS

can not, will not, or refuses to do, on behalf of … all of us?

More importantly (given that the sovereigns shall not negotiate away their sovereignty)

why not then, tweet directly to sovereigns, on sovereignty?

On tweaking twitter-diplomacy: Why is it that Kim and Don only threaten one another?

Their brother Art would have them be brotherly, on Twitter.

To tweak twitter-diplomacy why don’t Kim and Don tweet more sweetly to each other?

Brother Art would have them be, more brotherly, on Twitter.

Chicken, anyone? Donny, the president, ups the ante in sending an armada of warships

in answer to Kim’s threat to nuke cruising American warships.

Enthralled, a planet looks on, oblivious to what’s going on behind scenes, oblivious too

to what’s going on, on stage, oblivious to their humanity too.

To be or not to be?’ Verily, I quote myself, and Hamlet; it is beyond crazy, for these two

opponents, otherwise incommunicado, to fail to Twitter, use.

To be, or not to be?’ I quote myself and Hamlet too. It is beyond crazy for two brothers,

incommunicado, not to Direct Message one another on Twitter.

The Western-educated and American pop culture obsessed Kim, IS really ready to deal

with Don and Art. Last night, Kim told them, “Let’s make a deal.”

Even more enthralled, the very last of the Watchers, Penemue, looked on too. Giver, to

humanity, of poetry, pursuant to plan, he penitently prays to ….

… Allah/God/Jehovah/Yahweh; thanking Him for his part in His story, known, as history;

for Russian ruses are proving proximal, to American, foreign policy.

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