Revisiting … the Pen … and the Sword

   : Imagine, in ,

evolving, to common, global … interests. cc:  

Behavior modification works for individuals and it’ll work too, in ,

for, the increasingly … war-like … nations.  cc: @DisneyPixar

ISIS: An enemy uncommon is common enemy and golden opportunity in  …

for global communities’, wisdom. cc:  

But any multi-national, international triumph against ISIS shall be for naught, in #twitterfiction

unless we thereafter evolve to, toleration. cc:  

God -ed a gaggle of intergalactics to save His humanity in

from a fate, previously … written. cc:  

AN ATLAS POETIC, on reality, surrealism, fictions, nonfictions, science-fiction,

and neuroscience in . cc:  

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