Truth & Reconciliation (the Movie?)

A #twitterfiction-al rendition of AN ATLAS POETIC; on His story, history, anarchy,

wannabes, alchemy and synergy, in epic poetry. CHAPTER 13

God/ Allah/Jehovah/Yahweh’s children, brother-sister-(wo)men, in #twitterfiction,

aught pray cc: @CNN for wisdom’s Truth and Reconciliation.

Tajikistan’s Rudaki: Truth’s stranger than fiction in #twitterfiction-al environments.

Education’s prospering; @DisneyPixar‘s entertainment.

Vietnam’s Nguyen Du: In soirees at Arthur Everman’s pad, poets’ visions in #twitterfiction;

from every land come, poems to nations. cc: @CNN

Andorra’s Albert Salvado: Dickinson gets nod in this edition over Frost, Whitman,

Sandburg, and beloved Maya, in #twitterfiction. cc: @CNN

Neither Jesus’ miracles, nor Mohammed’s conquests nor, in #twitterfiction,

letters from dead poets, are enough to save the nations. cc: @CNN

Speaking for speakers of a King’s English, @BBCWorld and, in #twitterfiction,

Willy Shakespeare endorses, Truth and Reconciliation. cc: @CNN

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