A Novel Novel

A #twitterfiction-al rendition of AN ATLAS POETIC; on His story, history, anarchy, wannabes, alchemy & synergy, in epic poetry. CHAPTER SIX

A novel novel then is this #twitterfiction-al foray into nonfictional, fiction; and, indeed … one with novel protagonists, conflicts and plot … resolution.

The social media are prominent. Albeit only secondary characters, they wield, in #twitterfiction. disproportionate impact; for they are force multipliers, in todays’, nonfictions.

Tunisia’s Aboul-Qacem Ecebbi: Wanted by Arthur Everman are visionaries in this #twitterfiction, with vision keen … so as to see … @CNN … poets’ visions.

Witness, Afghanistan’s Khushal Khattak: The dead poets’ visions are , in unison and in #twitterfiction, making of media (eg @CNN) a mouthpiece of one’s fiction.

Witness too, Azerbaijan’s Fuzuli: Indeed, by all means, make media @CNN mouthpiece by fiction. And as to why @CNN? It’s because … of course … it ends in ‘n’.

Like beauty, vision too, is in the eye of the beholder. So what if something Lasix-like (in #twitterfiction) … sharpened … our vision? cc: @CNN

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