Twitter, Tweet, Tweeted and Tweeting; All New Meanings and Re-tweeted, Coined; All to Waste, When … We’re Wasted.

After Greek, English is the world’s second lingua franca. Its vocabulary and easy
rhymes are at home in song … psalm … prose … or poetry.

The richest tongue by far (by word count) owes its extreme wealth due to heavy
borrowing from other tongues and the quirks of His timing … uncanny.

There are more English-speaking Chinese than Americans; and more Chinese
wits than Americans … perhaps … know a twit … from a tweet.

Tweet is commonly understood … but twit? Twits are taunts. To twit is to titter
or taunt. Hmm. Curiously, our host is Twitter … not Tweeter.

Why Twitter and not Tweeter, albeit, an intriguing riddle, isn’t the point. Rather,
it’s just that more people, than bluebirds, are tweeting … on Twitter.

Twitter filled ready made voids. That it did so with 140 rather than 150 characters;
seemingly genius …. After all … we’ve all gone … atwitter.

Twitter, tweet, tweeted and tweeting; all been given new meaning and re-tweeted,
coined. All to go … to waste … when we are … wasted.

Titters and taunts are tweeted and re-tweeted on Twitter quite mean-spiritedly;
better to be … a poetic writer … good-naturedly.

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