1 PAGE: # 53

Yea, there is more to Putin than meets the eye in our surreal realities …. The Ukraine is a nation
about to downsize … in #twitterfiction.

Crimea’s lion is a shrewd one. He knows that the law of the jungle is as it is in #twitterfiction
and in real estate where all, is location.

Warriors and politicos; the only cartographers that matter;
they’re a ruthless bunch because … in #twitterfiction … only power, matters.

Why then, one might well be wondering, is @chachomanopapa thanking the Force, in #twitterfiction,
for dwelling in the heart … of Vlad Putin?

It’s because, in #twitterfiction-al history, there are mystical connections
between destiny, prophesy, alchemy and Global Truth and Reconciliation.

It’s because, in #twitterfiction-al philosophy no man can trust another
because self-interest … nearly always … runs counter.

It’s because it’s not about you and me. nor certainly … Vladimir Putin;
rather, it’s about community … in #twitterfiction.

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