1 PAGE: # 52

One thing is sure. What a joker is this Force, this Creator; He
Who’s created plants with halos and men with feces … #twitterfiction-ally.

Most things are less sure. Included in that long listing; that nonfiction …
truth, often is, stranger than fiction … in #twitterfiction.

[Wo]man (the unwise homo sapiens) needs to understand; there is a mystical connection …
‘tween history and destiny … in #twitterfiction.

There are mystical connections between Global Truth and Reconciliation,
history, destiny, prophesy and alchemy … in #twitterfiction.

Coincidentally, alchemy encompasses either a quest for material perfection or one
for spiritual ennoblement, or both … in #twitterfiction.

Holy Creator; Father, Son and Spirit. Thanks for coming to dwell in the heart of #VladimirPutin.
Thy will’s done … in #twitterfiction.

Say what! #VladimirPutin! Waccha been smokin’ @chachomanopapa? But there’s more to Putin
than meets the eye … in surreal #twitterfiction.

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