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On writing to all a la, Emily Dickinson about inexorable change, a la … Ovidius;

cc:    for … us.

On writing to all about ISIS The Caliphate … for the rest of us … opportunity. cc:

   … timely.

On writing to Jews, Christians, Muslims and too, the rest of us homo sapiens, (wo)men,

‘wise’. cc:   

Because all violence is domestic violence. It begs for the parties’ separation, in

space-time. cc:   

HOMO SAPIENS: In education’s alchemy & neuroscience’s behavior mod, separation

is  … remedy. cc:  @HillaryClinton

And so AN ATLAS, ALGORITHMIC, a blueprint to a yellow brick road more utopian,

than dystopian. cc:   

AN ATLAS, ALGORITHMIC: Fighting evolution’s devolution with modification,

scientific, of behavior.